School rules

School Rules:

  • Students must reach the school five minutes before the assembly bell is rung. Late comer shall not be allowed to attend classes, except in valid reasons.
  • Once school begins all the entrance all the entrance and exits will be closed. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises unless it is for a very genuinely urgent reason.
  • A Students must carry his school diary and identity card to school everyday.
  • Student absent on certain day in the school, shall have to enter the reason of absence in he absence record page of the diary. (Duty signed by parent/ Guardian.)
  • Name of a student continuously absent for 15 days (without prior sanction of leave) shall be struck off from the school rolls.
  • Students must not bring any kinds of precious items in the school as the school is not responsible for the goods lost.
  • The school deserves the right to dismiss a student whose conduct is harmful to other students.