Director Message

"Ideas rule the world and thoughts rule your life"

I am pleased to have opportunity of meaning a glorious institution such as Spring hill public School at Maheshpur (Bhagalpur).Situated over a vast area of open land. This school has calm and serene location away from the din and hustle of city life. Housed in magnificent, multistoried fabulous building, this institution has all the facilities that are needed for a balanced, all round growth and unfolding their hidden talents to the fullest capacity.
The management of Spring HillPublic School has been successfully working for the creation to an ideal environment where the children can grow into dynamic, useful and productive citizen having sound character and high moral values. It will provided adequate number of spacious and well equipped airy classrooms with a variety of visual and audio-visual teaching aids, lavishly furnished science laboratories, music and painting rooms, art & craft section, computer lab with terminals connected to a server and a rich library that caters to the needs of students of all ages. There are spacious play grounds for all Latest sports.
Our term of telented and dedicated teachers under an exprienced principle has been working hard to transform the dream of he school's founder into reality and their efforts have bought us name and fame, they all deserved he credit for the schools success story, the school stands for excellence today. Is has been my pleasure and privilege to offer my sincere co-operation to them at all stages in their nobel task of career building and grooming the students, who become part of this institution.

Thank You

Arvind Kumar Akela